domingo, 11 de junio de 2017

Cloud Pavilion

Cloud Pavilion - Serpentine Gallery 2013 

Sou Fujimoto 

The Cloud Pavilion was designed by Sou Fujimoto in 2013. The pavilion plays with the simplicity a different elements to create a complex light space.

The pavilion structure is based out of a module. The module is constructed out of  20mm white steel bars. They work on 3 different axis and are supporting the rest of the elements. The basic modules of the construction are simple lattice blocks with sides of 40 or 80 cm.

Sou Fujimoto described his work as “transparent terrain”. This concept is expressed by the transparent elements introduced inside the modular structure. Fish scale-like polycarbonate disks arranged in clusters in the roof area serve as rain protection. Those round elements are introduced in order to create semi- open spaces. Their lightness makes the protected areas and the open areas hard to distinguish.

The “transparent terrain” is also expressed through the square glass elements. The hardly noticeable elements serve in the interior space to create sitting areas as well as stairs.  They create an amphitheater.

The transparency of the structure as well as the sitting glass elements provides the impression that people are floating inside the cloud. 

The simple grid creates a complex geometry. The small size of the modules help this impression of complexity as the perspective does not allow you at any point to read to grid in its totality.

The pavilion also takes different shape when looked at from different positions.

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